I love to draw from the perspective of a child’s innocent mind: before any preconceived thoughts, or restraints are instilled in their minds. The imaginative, and creative process that comes so naturally to all children gives me the inspiration to draw or paint images of their toys coming to life.

Watching my Mother create beautiful pieces of clothing for myself and my sister, I was encouraged to sew for myself as I grew older. I never bought patterns, I just created from copying other pieces of clothing. This method taught me to completely understand the complexities of fit, and has given me the confidence to create freely, and without inhibitions.

I remember always coming home from school to the smell of turpentine and finding my Mother with her oils painting floral still lifes and usually of roses.

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember with whatever I could get my hands on. Growing up, my mother would provide me with fabrics, paints and any left overs from whatever she was creating. I was always that child who headed to my Grandmothers linen closet to handle and admire all her embroidered linens and laces. My Grandmother taught me to crochet, and my first creation was a chignon cover created out of Christmas ribbons. I am so grateful for the leftovers, as they provided me with the challenge to create something out of bits of odds and ends.

I hope you and your children enjoy Hatch & Cloak’s hand drawn pieces of clothing, and that the images spark the imagination of your child.

Georgia Lewry Grass